Letian (Max) Fu

I am a first year PhD student at UC Berkeley advised by Professor Ken Goldberg. I am interested in building self-supervised multi-modal models and using them in a robotics setting.

I received B.A./M.S. in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics from UC Berkeley in 2023.

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A Touch, Vision, and Language Dataset for Multimodal Alignment
Letian Fu, Gaurav Datta*, Huang Huang*, William Chung-Ho Panitch*, Jaimyn Drake*, Joseph Ortiz, Mustafa Mukadam, Mike Lambeta, Roberto Calandra, Ken Goldberg
*Equal contribution
ArXiv, Website, Code, Dataset

Rethinking Patch Dependence for Masked Autoencoders
Letian Fu*, Long Lian*, Renhao Wang, Baifeng Shi, Xudong Wang, Adam Yala†, Trevor Darrell†, Alexei A Efros†, Ken Goldberg†
*Equal contribution, †Equal advising
ArXiv, Website, Code

Robot Learning with Sensorimotor Pre-training
Ilija Radosavovic, Baifeng Shi, Letian Fu, Ken Goldberg, Trevor Darrell, Jitendra Malik
CoRL 2023, Oral Presentation, OpenReview

Safely Learning Visuo-Tactile Feedback Policies in Real For Industrial Insertion
Letian Fu, Huang Huang, Lars Berscheid, Hui Li, Ken Goldberg, Sachin Chitta,
ICRA 2023, arXiv

Evo-NeRF: Evolving NeRF for Sequential Robot Grasping
Justin Kerr, Letian Fu, Huang Huang, Yahav Avigal, Matthew Tancik, Jeffrey Ichnowski, Angjoo Kanazawa, Ken Goldberg
CoRL 2022, Oral Presentation, OpenReview

Mechanical Search on Shelves with Efficient Stacking and Destacking of Objects
Letian Fu*, Huang Huang*, Michael Danielczuk, Chung Min Kim, Zachary Tam, Jeffrey Ichnowski, Anelia Angelova, Brian Ichter, and Ken Goldberg, *Equal contribution
ISRR 2022, arXiv

LEGS: Learning Efficient Grasp Sets for Exploratory Grasping
Letian Fu, Michael Danielczuk, Ashwin Balakrishna, Daniel S. Brown, Jeffrey Ichnowski, Eugen Solowjow, Ken Goldberg,
ICRA 2022, IEEE, arxiv

Mechanical Search on Shelves using a Novel “Bluction” Tool
Huang Huang, Michael Danielczuk, Chung Min Kim, Letian Fu, Zachary Tam, Jeffrey Ichnowski, Anelia Angelova, Brain Ichter, Ken Goldberg,
ICRA 2022, IEEE, arXiv

Source code taken from Jon Barron's site.